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        來源:http://www.boursomarket.com 日期:2021-10-07 發布人:jntfgd

        If the air volume required for ventilation and smoke exhaust is large and the excavation roadway is long, partial ventilation (excavation) shall be selected. Excavation ventilation refers to the ventilation using partial ventilation and smoke exhaust equipment in order to dilute and discharge harmful gas, mineral dust and gun smoke and create an excellent meteorological environment.
        1. Use of waste heat in ventilation duct system. Waste heat boiler, heat pipe heat exchanger and cooling exhaust pipe are set in the ventilation and dust removal system to generate steam, hot water and hot air, so as to make maximum use of the waste heat of the ventilation system and improve the comprehensive utilization efficiency of power.
        2. Variable flue gas volume. Many flue gas purification systems have different amount of flue gas in different periods with different process requirements. In order to get used to this demand, a variety of speed regulating devices in different ways are selected to save power and reduce the operation cost of ventilation system.
        3. Optimization planning of exhaust hood of ventilation duct. The advantages of partial exhaust hood directly affect the function of ventilation system. It has become the primary research topic to study the air flow characteristics of some exhaust hoods, the relationship between the old air flow pattern of some exhaust hoods and operators, and plan some exhaust hoods suitable for process characteristics and process equipment.
        4.積極研討移動、陣發性塵源的操控技能。對固定恒穩產塵的塵源點已有不少成熟的操控技能。但在黑色鍛煉、有色鍛煉、金屬熔鑄、港口裝卸、礦山采掘等職業,尚存在大陸的移動、陣發性塵源,這些塵源方位是移動的、陣發性的,瞬時發出濃度很高,渙散的面積很廣。根據實測計算,這部分塵源所排出的粉塵量往往占上述出產廠或出產工序總排塵量的28%~36%。現在較多的選用全 面通風換氣,出資太高。如何采納相對節省的出資技能措施,達到區域性的操控是現在通風技能研討的重要課題。
        4. Actively discuss the control skills of mobile and paroxysmal dust sources. There are many mature control skills for the dust source point with fixed and stable dust production. However, in black exercise, nonferrous exercise, metal melting and casting, port loading and unloading, mining and other occupations, there are still mobile and paroxysmal dust sources in the mainland. The orientation of these dust sources is mobile and paroxysmal, the instantaneous emission concentration is very high, and the LAX area is very wide. According to the actual measurement and calculation, the dust discharged by this part of dust sources often accounts for 28% ~ 36% of the total dust discharged by the above-mentioned factories or production processes. Now more comprehensive ventilation is used, and the investment is too high. How to adopt relatively economical measures to achieve regional control is an important topic in ventilation technology research.
        5. Develop practical skills in dust and waste gas management of small and medium-sized enterprises. In recent years, small and medium-sized enterprises have achieved rapid development, but due to their shortage, backward production skills, equipment and technology, the harm of dust and waste gas is becoming increasingly prominent, which has seriously affected the physical and mental health of employees and polluted the atmospheric environment. Due to the lack of funds and skills, such enterprises can not copy the ventilation ducts of large enterprises, so they urgently need to be developed, which is in line with the economic characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises and has little investment. Low maintenance cost, suitable for sensitive, simple and practical ventilation skills.
        通風管道在當今的承載物體中具有重要作用和地位,因此,管道的防腐保溫處理日益受到重視,應用領域主要涉及:電子工業無塵廠房凈化系統,醫藥食品無菌車間凈化系統,酒店賓館、商場醫院、工廠及寫字樓的中 央空調系統。
        Ventilation duct plays an important role and position in today's load-bearing objects. Therefore, the anti-corrosion and thermal insulation treatment of duct has been paid more and more attention. The application fields mainly involve: the purification system of dust-free workshop in electronic industry, the purification system of sterile workshop of medicine and food, and the central air conditioning system of hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, factories and office buildings.


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