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        1. Air quality
        In winter, we seldom open windows for ventilation, so it's easy for dust to accumulate in the ventilation ducts, such as hair and dander, dust and dirt brought from outside, fine hair falling off clothes and carpets, insects such as spiders and beetles, construction and decoration garbage, and even the bodies of mice. It is impossible to clean these things without special equipment, and the function of the filter screen of the heater is very limited, it can not prevent the dust and fine hair from circulating indoors.
        2. Family health
        If the ventilation duct is not cleaned for a long time, a lot of molds and bacteria may grow in the duct, and these dirty things are very easy to affect the health of the elderly and children. If you have asthma or allergies in your home, if the indoor air is too dirty, it may aggravate the disease.
        3. Air conditioning efficiency
        It is proved that if there is 1.6 mm dust accumulated on the coil, the efficiency of the equipment can be reduced by 21%. Not only that, a lot of dust and impurities will greatly reduce the service life of the heater and cooler, we should know that the cost of maintenance or replacement of the heater and cooler is very expensive.
        How often do I have to clean the ventilation ducts?
        Generally speaking, pipe cleaning needs to be done once a year or two, but if you have old people or children in your home, or pets in your home, it's better to clean them every year. The time node of each year should be selected in the season, generally in the Spring Festival or autumn is better. If you have just finished the handover of a new house, or the interior of the house has just been decorated, it is also very necessary to do a pipe cleaning.
        How to clean the ventilation duct?
        The cleaning staff will open the door of the special cleaning vehicle. After entering the door, the cleaning master will determine the location of the air outlet and return outlet of all air conditioners, and remove the cover.
        Then the wiring will be based on the position of the air outlet. Usually, the cleaner will make a hole in the main pipe of your home, but if your home has done pipe cleaning before, there is no need to open a new hole. After that, use a hose to connect the ventilation duct of your home with the high-power vacuum cleaner on the car. The other uses a high-pressure spray gun to blow the dust from the tuyere into the duct and suck all the dirt in the duct into the collection bag in the car.
        Shandong ventilation pipeline
        Each air outlet will be cleaned with special tools. In the process of cleaning, they will have a probe into the pipe to observe the cleaning. After cleaning the pipes in your home, it is recommended that you replace the air conditioning filter in your home.
        The cost of cleaning the ventilation duct will be fixed by the cleaning company according to the area of your home and the number of air outlets. Respiratory tract health is very important


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